Why Magnesium Chloride?

July 20, 2015 Mateusz Selma

Health professionals that are up to date with science’s understanding of the human body agree that in order to achieve optimal health, you must resort back to nature while limiting the amount of synthetic influence in your life. This includes everything from your environment, to your nutrition.  Magnesium supplements are no exception. Our planet’s naturally occurring form of our most important mineral is magnesium chloride. Most other forms are synthetic supplements made in labs.

The simple way to look at it is magnesium and chlorine atoms have a natural affinity for each other based on their molecular properties, like pieces of a puzzle. This is why magnesium chloride doesn't need to be made in a lab like other mag supplements, it’s made in nature: The Ancient Zechstein Sea.



Atoms have a natural tendency to want a full outer shell of electrons. The maximum capacity for an outer shell is 8 electrons. Atoms can either take electrons or give them away in order to end up with a full outer shell. Magnesium chloride is a great example. Magnesium has 2 electrons in it’s outer shell, and chlorine has 7. So for magnesium it’s easier to give away 2 electrons than to gather 6 more, and for chlorine it’s easier to find one than to give away 7. Thus, one magnesium can give an electron to each of two chlorine atoms. Magnesium chloride is formed! 



You already learned that magnesium is needed directly or indirectly for practically all the processes essential for human life. Well it’s not just any form of magnesium that’s needed. It must be in its ionic form. This is why naturally occurring magnesium chloride from the Ancient Zechstein Sea is best, because it provides magnesium in exactly this form. Let’s look at what an ion is. This will also help you better understand the diagram above.

An atom’s electrons and protons have the exact same strength of charge, but protons are positively charged and electrons negatively charged. Thus, because all 118 elements of the periodic table have the same number of protons as electrons, they are all neutrally charged. These neutral versions of the elements are their atomic versions. Therefore when a neutral atom gains or loses an electron, it becomes negatively or positively charged respectively. This charged version of the element is called an ion. Because life is electric, ions (especially of essential minerals) are critical to human life, because they carry electric charge. In other words they carry and facilitate human life. The fascinating part is that human life is fundamentally electric!

So, when neutrally-charged atomic magnesium gives away two of its electrons to two chlorine atoms, it is left with two less electrons than its total protons. The cool thing about this ionic bond is that not only does it create a magnesium ion and two chlorine ions, but these three ions are not actually attached, but rather loosely hanging around each other in their new, charged forms. Understanding this is critical to seeing just how perfect Zechstein’s naturally occurring magnesium chloride is for human health. Why? Because remember: the body needs the magnesium in it’s charged, ionic form.

How easily a molecule in a solution is broken down into it’s individual parts is called it’s stability constant. The easier it is for your body to break down a molecule so it can use the ions, the lower that molecule’s stability constant is, and the better its bio-availability.  The lowest/best possible stability constant that a molecule can have, is zero. Guess what the stability constant of magnesium chloride is? Zero! Now compare it to the stability constants of other magnesium complexes, and you see that magnesium chloride is clearly the most bioavailable. Is it a coincidence that the molecule given to us by mother nature is the one easiest for us to use? 



Magnesium chloride’s unmatched ionization and bio-availability, paired with the fact that it ‘s essential to practically all life-processes,  is  the reason why so many doctors over the last century have used it to help people in ways that other drugs and “medicines” have paled by comparison. The first doctor to have pioneered the use of magnesium chloride was French Surgeon, Doctor and Professor Pierre Delbet MD. After discovereing its miraculous antiseptic and immuno-stimulant properties, Dr. Delbet over several decades was able to generate and record phenomenal results in:

Digestive Disorders:
colitis, angiocholitis and cholecystitis 

Cognitive Disorders:
Parkinson's Disease, 

Neuromuscular Disorders:
senile tremors and muscular cramps in the nervous system 

Dermatological/Aesthetic Disorders:
acne, chilblains, eczema, hair + nail health, psoriasis, warts, 

Dr. Luiz Moura talks about Dr. Delbet’s incredible MgCl discoveries, including it’s amazing cancer fighting effects, and why supplementation is needed for all humans in today’s world.

Allergy Based Problems:
anaphylactic problems, asthma, hay-fever, urticaria

Age Related Health Problems:
circulatory problems, impotency, prostate enlargement



As Dr. Delbet continued his use of magnesium chloride in treating all varieties of patients, it’s ability to slow down and prevent cancer became very clear. An 18 year long study which followed over 4000 men over the age of 18 yeilded incredible findings: Not only were high levels of magnesium associated with a 50% decrease in cancer mortality, but also with a 40% decrease in cardiovascular and all-cause mortality  !  This data coincided with Dr. Delbet’s discovery that magnesium chloride cured precancerous conditions including leucoplasia, hyperkeratosis, and chronic mastitis. 

Remember mitochondria? The organisms in each of your cells that turn your food and air into molecular energy that makes your life possible? Well, German Drs. Seeger and Budwig showed that cancer arises in patients who had poor mitochondrial capacity. 

Remember: life needs energy. The less energy you have to repair your body, maintain your daily processes and fuel your immune system, the sicker you become, the faster you degenerate, and the sooner you die from some form of disease.  Where does magnesium chloride come in? It provides the most bio-available form of the magnesium ion needed for all the stages required for mitochondrial function, including the formation of ATP itself, your energy molecule generated by the mitochondria! Magnesium is needed for the energy that keeps you alive, and Magnesium Chloride is the best source! The best place to look for magnesium’s protective effects against cancer is in cancer cells themselves. It has been found that there is much less magnesium binding at the membranes of cancer cells, and that these cells have much lower levels of magnesium, while having much higher levels of calcium  . In healthy people, magnesium is abundant inside the cell, and calcium is more abundant in bone. This calcium-magnesium imbalance found in cancer cells also happens to be one of the fundamental characteristics of inflammation, the root cause of most disease. The dots are connecting themselves...